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The Drunken Master is an independent bottler in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The owner, Mr Li Chunfeng, started The Drunken Master as an independent brand in 2014. After two years of operations, Mr Li opens his first whisky bar in Kaohsiung, and named it The Drunken Master Whisky Bar.
Currently, The Drunken Master is a popular brand all across Taiwan. They also have presence in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Vietnam. The next place of interest is, of course, Singapore.
While The Drunken Master collaborates most of the time with other bottlers, they also release their own brand name bottling. Mr Li takes pride in every cask that he chooses, so you can be sure that every cask that The Drunken Master releases under its brand name will be a quality cask that is worth buying and drinking.
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  • The Drunken Master Highland Park 14YO 2003 Set (for Whisky Fair Takao 2018)
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