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The Whiskyfind Taiwan is an independent bottler from Taichung, Taiwan. Known as 威士忌坊 in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the independent bottler is popular across the Asian markets of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The Whiskyfind works with many well-established companies such as Shinanoya and The Mash Tun Tokyo from Japan and high profile individuals such as John Milroy. However, the independent bottler is best known for their whiskies because they combine art and culture into their labels and use the whiskies as a bridge to bring art across to the general public.
Some of their popular series include “The Drunken Poet” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. The Drunken Poet features various Chinese poets who were well-known for their famous poems. Romance of the Three Kingdoms features the artwork of Chen Uen, a Taiwanese artist who drew all the characters from the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
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